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A deep, unfading black

A formal suit demonstrates respect Clothing that conveys respect,Formal suit

A formal suit demonstrates respect

Distinct from the everyday, a formal suit is worn on special occasions.
As such, it is expected to possess unique qualities:
A luxury that befits the location; a modesty that brings the protagonist into stark relief; and a timelessness that demonstrates respect.
A formal suit must convey a dignity that reflects the wearer’s sense of decorum.
Today, society is growing increasingly casual. But on occasions when there is an emphasis on interpersonal bonds, the formal suit remains the attire of choice.

A formal suit is instilled with the feelings of the wearer.
As a company that deals in attire that forges interpersonal bonds, we are therefore dutybound to deliver the finest craftsmanship.

The innate decorum of a formal suit stay in a Formal suit,”Immutable” dignity

The innate decorum of a formal suit

No matter how good the fabric, no matter how refined the techniques, it is impossible to achieve a beautiful black dye if the water contains impurities.
The fabric we use in our formal suits is dyed in Bishu, one of the three leading wool fabric production regions in the world, and home to an array of high-quality rivers.

We pay the most fastidious attention to our materials, our techniques, and our environments.
To ensure our formal suits can be worn for decades.
To ensure they possess a timeless black that never fades.
To ensure they embody the respect of the wearer at all times.

The color of a formal suit reflects the wearer’s feelings.
Through the color black, we shine a light on profound interpersonal bonds.

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“A formal suit that its owner cherishes wearing.“
The beauty of its hues, its materials, and its design,
allied to a comfort tailored to each individual wearer.
Through the evolution of our formal suits, at AOKI we continue to embrace the feelings of our customers.

For the joy of wearing suits.