Terms of Use

Welcome to the AOKI GLOBAL Online Store ("Website" hereinafter). The Website provides information according to the following Terms of Use ("Terms" hereinafter). Usage of the Website constitutes consent to these Terms by the user. We ask all users to read these Terms. Inability to consent to these Terms means you are ineligible to use the Website, so we ask you to refrain from using the Website in that case.

The AOKI GLOBAL Online Store is an online platform provided by the Japan-registered company AOKI Inc. ("AOKI" hereinafter), and is intended for personal use for purchases from outside of Japan of garments, accessories, and other items (referred to collectively as "Items" hereinafter).

The Website is built on the Shopify platform, and payment acceptance and delivery are performed by AOKI's partner Global-e. Global-e is the company that contracts with the user when the user purchases products on the Website, and processes payments from users. Customer packages are delivered by an authorized international shipping service. The Global-e Terms of Sale can be viewed here. Global-e may collect personal information concerning users and user transactions. The Global-e Privacy Policy can be viewed here.


  • 1) A Member is a person who has applied for membership on the Website and received approval from AOKI.
  • 2) Members consent to receiving communications and notifications from AOKI through electronic means including e-mails, SMS, and any other messaging tool provided by AOKI.
  • 3) Even if a Member chooses to not receive e-mail newsletters, AOKI may deliver important notifications to the Member about the Website, etc. via e-mail.
  • 4) If a Member resigns membership, all coupons and any other benefits are lost upon resignation, regardless of the reason for that resignation. AOKI bears no liability whatsoever for any coupons or other benefits lost due to expiration or membership resignation, except in the event of willful misconduct or gross negligence on the part of AOKI.
  • 5) The handling of the personal information, browsing history, etc. of Members collected by AOKI is conducted according to the AOKI Privacy Policy, unless otherwise notified or publicly announced by AOKI, or unless Member consent has been obtained.
  • 6) The handling of cookies, etc. when the Member uses the Website follows the AOKI Cookie Policy.
  • 7) When a Member uses the Website or e-mail newsletters or coupons issued by AOKI, the Member shall not register the e-mail address of a third party without permission, infringe upon the rights or privacy of a third party, or violate the law or public order and morals.
  • 8) If at any time a user does not want to receive information from AOKI, the user can stop the delivery of e-mail, etc. from AOKI by requesting such on the Website. Additionally, if a user wants to change their e-mail address or resign their membership, the user can conduct procedures for that on the "My Page" of the Website.
  • 9) If a Member or person who wishes to become a Member does not consent to these Terms, AOKI cannot provide member services to that person.

2.Using the Website

  • 1) We strive our utmost to make sure that the Website is usable 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, but down time may arise due to server or technical problems. The Website bears absolutely no liability whatsoever if you are unable to use the Website. The Website may become temporarily unavailable for use due to problems including system failure, maintenance, or repairs, or due to reasons beyond the control of the Website. We will strive to notify you of maintenance problems in advance if possible, but we do not bear an obligation to do so.
  • 2) We make every effort to make sure Items on the Website display as accurately as possible. However, the accuracy of the color, texture of materials, size, etc. may differ depending on your monitor, and we do not guarantee that the color is an accurate representation of actual product color.
  • 3) Harassment through the usage of indecent or violent language, etc. in any method or format on the Website, including e-mail and chat, is strictly prohibited. Impersonating an AOKI employee or other individual including other Website Members or visitors is prohibited. Additionally, if harassment or impersonation is discovered, we will delete the related posts without your consent.
  • 4) You herein guarantee that the personal information you are required to supply in order to register as a customer is, in all respects, true, accurate, and current. If account information is inaccurate or false, or if a violation of these Terms of Use or other inappropriate account activity occurs, AOKI possesses the right to temporarily block, suspend, revoke membership, or terminate the account of that Member.
  • 5) AOKI strives to keep the Website as current as reasonably possible, but does not guarantee that any specific product will always be available for purchase.

3.Purchasing (checkout)

  • 1) The Website is usable by customers in countries outside Japan which can use the Global-e service. We ask that customers in Japan use the shopping website dedicated to purchases within Japan (aoki-style.com).
  • 2) The order process is explained through a series of instructions on the Website. Customers complete product orders on the Website by clicking on the "Buy now" button at the end of the online order process.
  • 3) When you send an order, AOKI will send you an e-mail confirming accurate details regarding your order and notify you of your Order ID and the total fee for your order. This does not constitute order confirmation or order acceptance from the Website.
  • 4) AOKI may not be able to accept your orders if (i) the product you ordered is not in stock, (ii) credit card expiration date will expire within 20 days from the day of purchase, (iii) we were unable to obtain payment approval, or (iv) we discover an error in the product or the price. AOKI has the right to refuse purchase requests from customers at any time at the sole discretion of AOKI.
  • 5) Except for the event in which AOKI notifies you that AOKI cannot accept your order or the event in which you cancel your order, acceptance of your order by AOKI and the formation of an agreement between you and AOKI occurs at the point in time when you receive an e-mail from AOKI notifying you that the product you ordered has been shipped.
  • 6) Acceptance of your order by AOKI is complete on the date and time of e-mail delivery indicated in the e-mail, and you are deemed to have received this acceptance. The date and time at which you are deemed to have received the acceptance applies even if you were unable to receive the e-mail due to grounds outside of AOKI's control.
  • 7) Handling of the personal information you are required to supply when registering during order procedures is conducted according to the AOKI Privacy Policy.

4. Delivery

  • 1) Shipper
    AOKI products are shipped from a warehouse in Japan.
  • 2) Delivery
    Products are shipped through DHL Express delivery. Shipping fees for international orders are calculated at check out, and may differ depending on destination and package weight.
  • 3) Number of days required for delivery
    (1) Most orders ship from the next business day up to within a maximum of five days after purchasing from a Japanese warehouse, subject to stock inventory and credit checks.
    (2) Delays may occur due to regional, traffic, and weather conditions.
    (3) AOKI is not responsible for delays due to customs procedures and payment failure.
    (4) When ordered product is shipped, it is assigned a tracking code. You can use this tracking code to check on shipping progress.
  • 4) Shipping fees for product returns
    Please be aware that you are responsible for paying shipping fees for product return. Furthermore, please be aware in advance that we do not refund shipping fees incurred at the time of purchase.

5. Tariffs and taxes

The handling of tariffs, taxes, and customs processing fees differs depending on the country of destination.

6. Product returns

If the size or image of a product purchased on the Website is discrepant, we will accept product returns within 14 days after product arrival.

  • 1) We do not provide product exchanges, but we will refund your entire purchase fee. If you would like to receive a different product, we ask you to place a new order for that product after you return the original product and we refund your purchase fee through the payment method you originally used. In this event, it is possible that the other product may be out of stock, so we cannot guarantee stock availability.
  • 2) Returned product will be inspected. We do our absolute best to respond to product return requests, but if a product return does not comply with the AOKI Product Return Policy ((6) below) (if the product is returned in an inappropriate condition, if product return is incomplete, if 14 days have passed since the ordered product arrived at your location, etc.), we cannot refund the purchase fee.
  • 3) If the order amount after product return no longer meets the requirements for adding a present to your purchase, please also return the present as well. If the present is not returned, the retail value of the present will be deducted from the total refund.
  • 4) Unless the product is defective, the product return shipping fee will be billed for each return order, and that monetary amount will be deducted from the total refund.
  • 5) If we receive a partial product return from a purchase of multiple products purchased at a set sale discount or bulk discount (i.e., if not all products under the set sale or bulk discount, but instead only a portion of those products, are returned), the discount requirements will no longer be met, so after product return, we will refund to you a monetary amount equal to subtracting the product price of the products that were not returned, calculated via the pre-discount single item sales price, from the original sales price of all products purchased at the discount.
  • 6) We will not accept the product return in any of the following circumstances.
    (1) If the product return period has been exceeded
    (2) If accessories such as tags, packages, giveaways, buttons, etc. are not included or damaged
    (3) If the product has been hemmed up or fixed
    (4) If the product has already been worn (we will accept products that have been worn as long as the wearing was limited to the scope of a temporary trial fitting)
    (5) If the product has been washed
    (6) If the product has been defaced, damaged, or stained while under the care of the customer
    (7) Male or female underwear
    (8) If the product was purchased at an AOKI shop
    (9) If the product was purchased at the AOKI online shopping website dedicated to purchases made within Japan (aoki-style.com)
    (10)Any returns that are similar to the above or in a form that may cause major damage to AOKI
  • 7)If a product is returned using an undesignated delivery service, we are not responsible for damage or loss of the returned Item. If you contact us concerning product return, we will send you a DHL delivery label to use in sending a product return to us.

If you receive a defective product, such as a damaged product, or if the product you receive is different from what you ordered, contact us within 30 days after the product arrives. If AOKI determines from photographs you provide that the product is defective or different from the product you ordered, we will refund your payment. However, if we determined the existence of malicious intent, such as the case of excessively repeated product returns, we may refuse or cancel orders.

7. Product return process

To return a product, follow the instructions below.

  • 1) If you would like to return a product, first apply through the product return portal on the Website.
  • 2) Using a designated delivery service, return the product within 1 week after registering on the product return portal.
  • 3) When we receive the product, we will inspect it. We will complete the money refund procedures if the product return policy requirements are met.
  • 4) If a money refund is approved, we will complete money refund procedures using the method you used during your purchase. Please be aware in advance that the number of days
    required to complete the money refund differs depending on the payment company used.

8. Discount codes

You may receive discount codes from AOKI through e-mail or promotional materials. Each code is limited to usage by the recipient only. The codes cannot be transferred, have no monetary value, and cannot be exchanged for currency in any and all cases. Each code has an expiration date which is generated at time of promotion or recorded on attached promotional materials, and cannot be changed. Discount codes can be used on the Website only. In order to activate a discount code, it must be entered during the checkout process. Refunds for orders in which a discount code was used subtract the discount amount that was applied to that product. Discounts are not refundable.

9. Copyrights and trademarks

  • 1) All content displayed on the Website (including, but not limited to, images, videos, text, graphics, logos, icons, and social media platforms) are the exclusive property of AOKI and partner companies, and are protected by copyright. The Website and all content therein cannot be reproduced, modified, distributed, or otherwise used without prior written consent from AOKI.
  • 2) Without additional compensation to, authorization from, or payment to the customer, AOKI can freely use in perpetuity, for any purpose (including, but not limited to, the development, manufacturing, and marketing of products and creation for, alteration to, or improvement to this shop), all comments, information, ideas, or any other material included in all communication sent to AOKI by the customer, including posts on the Website and survey responses received from customers. Additionally, the customer consents to not exercising any moral rights whatsoever concerning materials that the customer supplies to AOKI, to the extent permitted by applicable law.

10. Disclaimers

The information supplied on the Website is for general information supply purposes only. AOKI strives to maintain the currentness and accuracy of the information, but does not offer any representations or warranties of any kind, whether express or implied, concerning the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability, or usability of the Website or any information, products, services, or related images included in the Website. Thus, relying on the information herein is strictly at the risk of the customer.

AOKI is not liable for any kind of damage arising from usage of the Website, including, but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, or consequential damage.

Users can, through the Website, follow links to other websites not under the control of AOKI.

AOKI cannot control the nature, content, or usability of these websites. Listing links does not imply any endorsement or indication whatsoever of the views expressed within.

11. Limits on liability

  • 1) No liability for consequential damage
    If damage or loss arises due to usage of a product or service, AOKI bears no liability for any indirect or consequential damage such as loss of benefits or earnings.
  • 2) Liability cap
    Even in the event that AOKI is liable, the maximum compensation for such is limited to the purchase price for the product. For example, if the product price is USD 100, the maximum liability born by AOKI is USD 100.
  • 3) No guarantees
    AOKI sells AOKI products solely on an as is basis, and does not offer any guarantees concerning product quality, etc.
  • 4) Compensation
    Members accept that they are liable for any damage or loss that could possibly arise as a result of using AOKI products, and accept the necessity to compensate AOKI for any losses suffered.
  • 5) Force majeure
    AOKI bears absolutely no liability whatsoever to Members concerning delay in or failure to perform obligations to Members due to force majeure conditions beyond AOKI's control including, but not limited to, natural catastrophes, war or terrorism, natural disasters, or violations of or compliance with laws, regulations, or rules.

12. Alterations to the Terms

In any of the following cases, AOKI may, at its own discretion, alter these Terms.

  • 1) When the change to the Terms conforms to the general benefit of the users.
  • 2) When the change in the Terms does not oppose the purpose of the agreement and when the necessity of the change, fairness of the changed content, and the changing of the Terms are reasonable in light of the conditions surrounding the change, then, when making a change to the Terms as per the previous paragraph, AOKI shall issue a notification concerning the fact that the Terms will change, the changed content, and the date of effect for the change on the AOKI website or any other method dictated by AOKI at least 1 month before the changed Terms take effect.
  • 3) Usage of this service by a Member after the changed Terms take effect, or the passage of 1 month after the notification of Terms change set forth in the previous Paragraph, constitute consent by the Member to the changes in these Terms

13. Other issues

The governing law for these Terms is the law of Japan. For any and all disputes arising due to or in relation to these Terms, the Tokyo District Court is the agreed upon exclusive jurisdictional court of first instance.