Worried about what to wear in December when the temperature can change drastically from warm to cold? Introducing one month of outfit ideas—featuring new winter items from AOKI—to ensure that female office workers can look and feel sophisticated in every possible situation. Enjoy these different ensembles perfect for various temperatures and situations!

Dec. 8
An in-house meeting held indoors

This is the time of year when you can comfortably wear just a long-sleeved blouse in the afternoon sun, but feel cold in the morning and evening. This new, on-trend short-length jacket with cute metal buttons from the popular pajama suit series. Just slip it over your shoulders to add the perfect accent to your outfit for the day. You can also wear it buttoned up if you prefer.

Dec. 13
A scheduled business meeting with a client

The gray checkered suit is a perennial autumn and winter favorite. The jacket is double-breasted with a cute, loose-fitting silhouette, and the pants are tapered to create beautiful lines for the legs. The inner blouse features a large, glamorous bow and projects a sophisticated, mature feeling with its deep green hue. When it's time for that important business meeting, put on your favorite outfit and feel inspired!

Dec. 25
Going out to enjoy a day off with friends

A natural-toned, brown striped blouse layered over a turtleneck featuring pearl buttons at the neckline. Once you master the layered style, you can instantly look like an elegant fashionista. Plus, the blouse uses recycled materials like discarded clothing items and excess textile scraps generated during production, making it environmentally-friendly.

Dec. 30
Taking a junior coworker out for lunch

This is when winter truly begins. Slip into this cute raglan sleeve coat with a large collar and oversized dimensions. Woven in Bishu—one of Japan's three major production regions for wool garments—from 100% wool, it features warm and high-quality fabric made in Japan. Slightly rounded with a design integrating the shoulders and sleeves together, this coat's relaxed and spacious feeling ensures comfort when wearing—it's a must-have item this season! This ensemble works well with the sophisticated shark gray suit.

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