I don’t have any clothes for work…

What to wear to the office?

If you're having these issues, we have some tips on cute and stylish outfit ideas for working women in Japan.

Let's take a look at one week of outfit ideas by AOKI's popular staff member, Ms. Jiang. 


Monday is always busy!

On this day, I choose a ‘pajama suit’ which is easy to move around in.

These pants are stretchy and comfortable to wear. They are creased, high-rise to make you look long-legged and flattering. This is my favorite suit and it motivates me at work.


The lemon yellow pants are for Tuesday and they make me feel brighter.

The gold buttons at the waist add an accent to the look. The back of the pants have an elastic waist so it’s comfortable to wear.

They are well designed and have details to make your legs look beautiful. It’s a great wardrobe piece for this summer!

The blouse is sweat-absorbent, quick-drying, use ‘cool touch’ fabric and it’s light and airy during the hot summer season. Add black accessories to look sharper.


It’s Wednesday and I almost overslept from the fatigue!

On mornings like this, I simply wear this shirt dress and become Kawaii.

It swings elegantly as I walk and it won’t show that I rushed in the morning.

It gives me a sense of reassurance and confidence.


This classic navy suit is for important business meeting.

Combine with a clean white top and I will make a good impression.

The suit is made of ‘dry-touch’ fabric, which keeps me dry and comfortable if I perspire. I can easily get over meeting anxiety or a hot day!


This blue-gray outfit can give a fresh impression.

The pants are cut to make legs look straight from any angle and is made with a process to keep the creases after washing. The blouse is sheer stripe and makes me look cool.


Do Japanese women wear makeup on the weekends?

The answer is YES. Most Japanese women put on makeup even weekends when they go out.

You want to look stylish but stay relaxed.

This suit is my recommended outfit.


If you want to try the cute, girly Japanese style, this is the outfit for you!

The key is to choose pastel colors like beige and pair with a soft A-line skirt.

AOKI has everything you want; cute outfits, functional clothes for business meetings and other important occasions!

Consider adding new Japanese designer clothing to your office outfits.

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