Are you concerned that you'll make a shopping mistake because you don’t speak Japanese?

No worries, AOKI stores offer a  complementary on-site multilingual interpretation service with iPads. We also have staff who can speak Chinese and English in select AOKI stores. 

Today, we'd like to introduce Mr. Chen Ximing, a manager at Shinjuku Nishiguchi main store, who has been in Japan for 22 years.

A professional store manager with 22 years of experience in Japan, who speaks both Chinese and Japanese! 

He's a professional staff from Shanghai, China and he has been with Aoki for 15 years!

He can provide services in Chinese and Japanese.

In 2013, he received AOKI Individual and Special Awards at our award ceremony in Taiwan. In addition, he also has received many other many other awards in the industry.

But this is not the only amazing thing about Manager Chen.

Styling ability that make customers shine

AOKI believes that the customer is 'the shining star of the show' rather than a suit, which shouldn’t stand out as much.

Based on this belief, AOKI has established the AOKI Stylist Certification System, which sets strict standards of knowledge that shows the ability to propose personal style to our customers.

There are three levels of stylists in this system: ‘Silver Stylist’, ‘Gold Stylist’ and ‘Meister’, which is our highest rank which also trains the next generations of stylists.

It takes 3 to 4 years for a staff member to be certified as a ‘Silver Stylist’ and only 20% of the staff can get certified as ‘Gold Stylist’.

Mr. Chen has passed these strict standards and is now working as a ‘Gold Stylist’.

We want to make our customers smile.

Manager Chen values each and every encounter with our customers.

Once he helped a female customer who came to the store while traveling in Japan.

She was very happy with our service and products at AOKI, that when she returned to her home country she proceeded to purchase more shirts for her parents. The following year, she visited our store again in Japan and is still a valued customer at AOKI to this day.

We want our customers to be satisfied with their purchases and we strive to be single minded in giving the best possible service.

Must-buy product recommendation by the manager ① Washable suits

No time to dry clean your suit?

AOKI's washable suits can easily be washed with a washing machine after work or in weekends.

Wash your suit to remove daily stains, odors and bacteria, and keep it clean at all times.

Must-buy product recommendation by the manager ②Non-iron shirts

AOKI's non-iron shirts are made of materials that have passed our own strict tests and are durable and resistant to wrinkles and prevent creases.

All you have to do is wash and dry! You can wear them right away without ironing, it’s easy to care for.

Please use our duty free service when shopping!

AOKI stores offer tax-free service in select AOKI stores. Customers who are staying in Japan for a short period of time are eligible for tax-free if their purchases are more than 5,000 yen, excluding tax.

AOKI GLOBAL site is currently offering a 10% off coupon.

If you use our 10% off coupon and tax-free service, you can save more money when shopping at AOKI.

Click here to see our list of Tax-Free stores

We look forward to helping you shopping with our ‘once in a lifetime encounter’ mindset

Finally, to our overseas customers.
We value our interactions with all of our customers. We cater to all customers, including those anxious about shopping in a foreign country, people who love Japan and Aoki brand, and just people walking by on the street.
In addition, we strive to meet the needs of most of our customers with a wide variety of products for all types and sizes.
When you come to Japan, please visit our store and experience our hospitality and high quality products that are only available in Japan.
We look forward to seeing you soon.
Manager Chen

Tax-free is applicable for purchases 5,000 yen or more (excluding tax).
  • Product stock is constantly changing. We apologize in advance if the product is sold out.
  • Prices shown are fixed, please check with the store or official online store when making purchases.