How do you choose your shirt? Shirts are an essential item for job seeking, business attire, and other formal occasions.The way you choose a shirt can greatly affect your suit style impression.In this section, we will introduce three ways to avoid mistakes when choosing a shirt! After reading this blog, your shirt styling sense will improve! Please don’t miss our checklist at the end!

Tip 1: Choose the right size

The most important thing to consider is size.

No matter how nice your shirt is, if it looks too tight or too big, it will look sloppy.

There are two ways to know your size.

① Find out from the size tag of your favorite shirt.

② Measure your own body size.

①How to find out your size from your favorite shirt

You can find out your size that fits your body shape from your favorite clothes.

Most products have size markings on the tag, pocket or inside, so please check them.

②How to measure your body size by yourself

If you do not know what size fits your body shape or if your body shape has recently changed, measure your neck size and the sleeve length with a tape measure to find out your exact size.

Tip 2: Select the right collar type.

The design of the collar can make you really stand out.

You can either choose the shape of the collar according to your taste or choose a design that matches to your body shape to look stylish.

Classic Collar

This is the most popular collar design. It’s the most common collar type that fits any type of suit. We recommend you to have at least one of this classic collar. When wearing a necktie, a smaller knot such as a ‘simple knot’ will give a balanced look.

Click here to learn how to tie a necktie.

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Spread Collar

This collar has a wide opening to the side and is recommended for people who have a thick or muscular neck. If the collar looks too small for your body, it may not look good. In that case, try ‘spread’ collar to create a balanced look.

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Tip 3: Choose the right silhouette to make a more sophisticated impression.

AOKI offers three types of silhouettes shirts. Every size comes in 3 different silhouette shapes - slim, regular, basic. Each silhouette has different specifications for the same shirt size. 

Slim size 

This is a slim size that fits close to the body. Recommended for those who like a clean look.

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Regular size

This is a general size. An easy fit for any occasion.

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Basic size

This is a relaxed size. Recommended for those who don’t like tight shirts.

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Let’s check yourself in the mirror!

Lastly, here is our checklist to choose a shirt for yourself.
Check yourself in front of a mirror to see well how your shirt fits!

□ The shirt fits the shoulder width well.

□ Neck size of the shirt has a room just enough to put your finger in between the fabric and the neck when buttoned up.

□ Chest area does not overstretch when your arms are raised.

□ Chest and the button area shouldn’t be too loose.

□ Sleeve length: When your arms are straight down, the sleeves should be the length of your wrist joint.

How was our blog?

After reading this, you are now a shirt selection master!

Enjoy wearing your new shirt!

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