The upper chest is a prominent area that gets attention and makes a first impression.
If you master how to tie a knot and know how to choose a tie based on a lapel type and occasions, you can enjoy a higher grade of fashion and elevate your public image.
We would like to introduce 4 types of ties, these are the most commonly used ones in business occasions, recommended for weddings, parties that you might find it useful.

Types of tie knots

Let's look at how to tie a necktie, keeping in mind that the knot is the key to the perfect tie.

Check before tying a knot! Parts of Ties (name)

Before learning how to tie a knot, lets go over a few basic terms:

A ‘Knot’ is a joint made by tying together the parts of a necktie. Every tie knot is called ‘~ knot’ and it is the key to the perfect necktie.

A ‘Dimple’ is an indentation that shows under the knot. The dimple gives depth and a stylish impression to the necktie. Without a dimple, the tie might look flat. It is recommended to create a dimple for business occasions or weddings where you want to look stylish. However, a dimple is not recommended for somber evens such as funerals or occasions of mourning.

The wider end of a necktie. The term ‘necktie width’ refers to the width of this blade.

The narrow end of a necktie. Some ties have different patterns for the large and small blades.

Simple knot', the easiest and the most versatile

It creates a tight, small knot and works well with regular collar shirts.

It’s the easiest way to tie so it might be the best method for first time wearers.

It’s great for business occasions, job seeking, weddings and formal events. It’s recommended for beginners!


① Leave the blade longer and place it on top of the tail.

② Wrap the blade around the tail about one and a half times and bring it to the back side of the tail.

③ Thread the blade through the loop at the neck from the bottom to the top.

④ Put the blade through the loop frontside from the top to the bottom.

⑤ Pull the tail downwards to tighten the loop around the neck and adjust the height of the knot.

The "Semi-Windsor Knot" is exquisitely balanced and gives a smart impression.

The knot is close to an equilateral triangle. The shape is well-balanced so its an all-around practical knot. It goes well with most shirt collars and it matches well with wide collar and thick neckties. The tie gives a sense of presence so it is best used in situations where you want to make a strong impression.

① Grab the tail and go around the blade in front
② Take the blade and bring it from the front to the back and pass it between
③ Place the blade on top of the tail and pass it around the neck
④ Bring the blade from the front and pass it toward the neck
⑤ Pass the blade through the loop from the top
※ It is easy to tie a knot if you hold down the tail

⑥ Finish it by adjusting the length and tightness of the knot

Windsor Knot', a large knot that has a presence

This knot is characterized by a plump, voluminous triangle shape.

It is the largest among the standard knots and the shape is almost an equilateral triangle.

Recommended for job interviews, important business meetings and other situations where you want to make an impression.

Because the knot is large, it is best suited for shirts that has wide neckline or large collars.


① Hold the tail short, cross the blade over the tail and bring it out behind. Maybe hold instead of grab.

② Thread the blade through the loop at the top of the neck.

③ Turn the blade outward from the opposite side of the loop and bring it from the inside to the outside.

④ Thread the large sword through the loop at the top of the loop.

⑤ Adjust the shape of the knot, and complete by adjusting the length and tightness of the knot.

‘Double Knot’, more formal and elaborate

‘Long vertical knots’, it is one size larger than a plain knot and thicker when viewed from the side.
This knot is especially suited for business and formal occasions, and is also suitable for formal wear. It is helpful to remember to use the 'double knot' instead of 'plain knot' when the knot is too small.

① Take the tail short (close to the end of tail), and cross it to bring the blade front
② Turn the blade side stacked on top around twice from the back
③ Thread (pass through) the blade through the front side of the loop from the top
④ Shape the knot to make it stiff and it’s done

Have fun learning how to tie these four types of knots from basic to more advanced. Practice correctly tying knots for every occasion!

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