Pajama Suits

Aircool Print Mesh Herringbone Jacket

Product Number: 2000008372459
Color: gray
Color: gray
Size: S
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Main functions
  • Washable
  • Stretch
  • Deodorization
  • Breathability
Ideal for summer, cool touch "Pajama SUITS"

A ZERO stress suit that’s as comfortable as pajamas. Whether it is for home office, work, business trips, driving, or even napping.

- Herringbone print fabric
A Lightweight fabric with a cool and breathable feel, and the uneven texture gives it a dry touch.

-Both neat and relaxed
Collared jackets enhance "neatness". Suit style is of course recommended, as well as jacket style with different colors on the top and bottom.


2 buttons, chest pocket, waist pocket, inside left pocket, no sleeve buttons


Highly breathable


*Due to the characteristics of the material and dyeing, each product may look slightly different.
*Please keep away from direct sunlight or fluorescent light when storing.
*This product may cause colour transfer.
*If the garment is rubbed with sweat or moisture during wear, the color may transfer. If the item gets wet, pat dry with a dry cloth as soon as possible.
*Due to the nature of the material, continuous wear or excessive friction may cause lint balls to form. Please remove lint balls carefully with a lint remover or scissors.
*Friction from wearing and washing may cause the lint to become unmanageable. Please brush the lint.


89% Polyester 9% Rayon 2% Polyurethane

size dress length shoulder width sleeve length chest circumference girth
S 67 42 58.5 101.5 89
M 69 44 60 105.5 93
B M 69 45 60 110.5 98
L 71 46 61.5 109.5 97
B L 71 47 61.5 114.5 102
LL 73 48 63 113.5 100
B LL 73 49 63 118.5 106


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