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[Pajama Suits] Cool Touch Fabric Jersey Gray Jacket

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Color: gray
Color: gray
Size: S
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Ideal for spring and summer! Cool touch "Pajama SUITS"

A ZERO stress suit that’s as comfortable as pajamas! Whether it is for home office, work, business trips, driving, or even napping.



- Comfortable material with a cool touch
Nylon blend has a cooling sensation and is light and comfortable to wear. Stress-free due to the excellent stretchability unique to jersey.

-Both neat and relaxed
Collared jackets enhance "neatness". Suit style is of course recommended, as well as jacket style with different colors on the top and bottom.



Two buttons, breast pocket, hip pocket, inside left pocket, no sleeve buttons.



- Washable
- Stretch
- With deodorant tape

62% rayon, 31% nylon, 7% polyurethane



*Due to the characteristics of the material and dyeing, each product may look slightly different.
*Please keep away from direct sunlight or fluorescent light when storing.
*This product may cause colour transfer.
*If the garment is rubbed with sweat or moisture during wear, the color may transfer. If the item gets wet, pat dry with a dry cloth as soon as possible.
*Due to the nature of the material, continuous wear or excessive friction may cause lint balls to form. Please remove lint balls carefully with a lint remover or scissors.
*Friction from wearing and washing may cause the lint to become unmanageable. Please brush the lint.

size dress length shoulder width sleeve length chest circumference girth
S 67 42 58.5 101.5 89
M 69 44 60 105.5 93
B M 69 45 60 110.5 98
L 71 46 61.5 109.5 97
B L 71 47 61.5 114.5 102
LL 73 48 63 113.5 100
B LL 73 49 63 118.5 106

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It is lightweight, comfortable and very easy to wear.
I wore it on a date and was told it was stylish and good looking.