Autumn season is here! Going to Arashiyama, Kyoto is recommended

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The deep orange accents the autumn leaves! This jacket has 10 pockets and has a large storage capacity so you don't need to carry a bag when going out!  The material looks clean and the jacket has a smart silhouette which adds style to this casual outfits.

Dinner in a classic suit

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Let's go out for a nice dinner in a suit that has mature, relaxed and classic looking. A white turtleneck sweater worn under the jacket adds a cleanliness and is a winter staple. The clutch bag adds a luxurious look to this outfit.

Visit museums and enjoy art shows this Autumn

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Japan has four seasons and autumn is the best season to chill-out and enjoy the various events. Autumn in Japan is also a season for art - people like to go to exhibitions and museums more this season. You see people wearing black and white colors often during autumn and winter but we suggest that you enjoy wearing a mint color and brighten up your look.

Go to an illumination event!

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This urban style overcoat is perfect for an illumination event. It’s trendy, oversized and looks effortless and cool. The GRAPHENE in the padding converts the heat emitted from your body into energy, heating up the body while maintaining warmth. The combination of brown and khaki colors give a stylish look overall.

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