Not sure how to choose the right size or style suit for a formal occasion such as a wedding or banquet? What size of suit fits best? This is the perfect guide on how to choose the right suit for you.

Point 1: Size

First, measure your size.

Once you know your size, you can find the silhouette that fits you best.

(1) Find your approximate size on our 'Size Chart by Body Type' based on your height and waist size.

For example, a customer who is 172 cm tall and 81 cm waist size should select our product size A6.

(2) Find the size of the product you would like to purchase.

Click on the 'Size Specs' tab on our product description page.

Using your approximate size from (1), compare it with the measurement of the clothes that you already have to double check your size for our products.

Since our size range differs depending on the product, the size from (1) may not be available in our product line. In that case, we recommend that you choose the one that's closer to your size that is available.

Point 2: Silhouette

Even under the same size, each product has a different silhouette and feel.

The key is to know what silhouettes are available and find your favorite style that matches your preference.

Jacket silhouette

Slim silhouette

A slim silhouette and short-length. Recommended for those who like a clean look!

Basic silhouette

Slightly loose silhouette. Recommended for those looking for a standard shape.

Click here for Basic Silhouette Suits

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Pants Silhouette

Flat front

A clean and sharp silhouette. Recommended for those who are looking for a stylish suit.

Single pleat

Standard silhouette. Recommended for those who are looking for a relaxed fit around the waist and hips.

Click here for suits with single pleat pants

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Double pleat

Relax fitted at the waist and hip. Recommended for those who are looking for a loose-fit suit.

Click here for suits with double pleat pants

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Point 3: Suit fit tips

Lastly, fitting is an important part.

Please see our '7 suit fit tips' below.

(1) The shoulder: An important part that determines comfort

Well fitted jacket shoulder should align to your contour and has about 1cm room inside when the jacket shoulder is pinched.

(2) The chest area: The jacket closure makes an impression from the front

A good fit suit won't have wrinkle lines radiating outward when you put on the jacket buttoned.

(3) Jacket sleeve length: Jacket that follows along your arm shape is an ideal fit

It’s important to check the size around your shoulder and arm width first to adjust the sleeve length. The shirt cuff should be visible 1 to 1.5 cm from the jacket cuff.

(4) Jacket length: Balance with your height and physique

Standard length of the jacket just covers your hip. However, half of the total jacket length minus 2 cm also makes a good measure according to the recent slim suits trend.

(5) The midsection: It’s important to firmly determine your waist height

Find your waist height when you wear a belt on and see if your palm fits between the pants and your torso when buttoned for good fit.

(6) The hip: Important for easy movement

The right sized pants shouldn't be too tight or creased around your hip. There should be some room around your thigh when bending down.

(7) Outseam length: The part that determines overall balance

Find your waist height and adjust the pants length before hemming. Don’t forget to wear a belt. The standard length is the front hem touches to your shoe and cause a single crease around your ankle (called ’half cushion’).

The length can be about 1.5 cm shorter or longer than the ’half cushion’, whichever you prefer.

Choose the right sized suits for you and look great at a formal occasion, such as weddings and banquets!

Formal suits for men

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