Akihabara, known as 'a capital of Otaku' has everything from electronics, anime and manga stores and 'maid cafes'. It's a must-visit spot for overseas tourists who love Japanese subculture. There you can experience the latest subculture trends firsthand and shop at duty-free stores for the best deals. This is our store in Akihabara, where you can transform yourself with our cool, Japanese-style hotties.

AOKI, a large suits and shirts specialty store, Akihabara location

AOKI is a popular men's fashion store in Japan, carrying suits, shirts and other outfits for A business casual office. Our Akihabara location is one of the largest of our network of over 500 stores in Japan, offering a wide variety of sizes and styles. Only a minute walk from Denkigai exit of JR Akihabara Station, or a 5 minute walk from Suehirocho sta of Ginza Line, you will find AOKI Akihabara store. Here is a brief introduction of the store.

1fl Men's Shirts, Casual jacket and pants

On the 1st floor you'll find men's T-shirts, polo shirts, casual jackets and more. If you aren't into formal suits, we recommend that you try our casual fashion items here!

Shirts are an indispensable daily item for Japanese office workers. Because the demand is high, AOKI Akihabara store has shirts displayed on the wall. We carry many types of shirts so ask to see styles other than what you see on shelf!

Chinese and English speaking staff are availble!

In AOKI Akihabara, Ms. Yo is a professional staff member from Jiangsu, China and she has been with AOKI for 6 years! She can provide services in Chinese and English. You can enjoy your shopping in AOKI Akihabara with no worries even if you don’t speak Japanese!

2nd fl: formal suits, business casual

If you wear suits often, please check out our 2nd floor! Here you'll find suits for Japanese weddings and other formal events. We also carry regular suits, ties, leather shoes and accessories that are essential for any business occasion.

The shoes section on the 2nd floor include high-quality leather shoes made in Japan, as well as shoes with lightweight and waterproof features. For example, this [Running leather shoes] series, '3E ultra-lightweight shoes' are light, provide excellent comfort, reduce dampness with the a breathable design – it's perfect for the humid season.

There is also a women's section

AOKI is most known for men's suits, jacket and pants in Japan, but we also carry an extensive collection of women's clothing in the basement of our AOKI Akihabara store. You'll find suits made of high-quality materials and beautiful, elegant tops.

A geek transformed into a handsome CEO!

Now, join our makeover for Mr. Qiang from Taiwan (height 178 cm, weight 80 kg)!

He usually likes to hang out in Akihabara dressed comfortably, but he works in Japan so he's looking for a style that fits perfectly for any business occasion. Let's give him a quick makeover using AOKI items!

Management consultant CEO look! A suit that makes a confident impression

AOKI Autumn/Winter LES MUES classic series suit, size AB6!

The 'slim-design cut' fits the body better than ever and the dark navy blue color makes it look slimmer.

Furthermore, it can be easily washed which saves on dry cleaning.

This suit makes serious impression and gives you sharp look.

IT company CEO look! Pajama Suits make a fresh and smart impression.

We chose our popular 'Pajama Suit' that has the look of suit, but comfortable as pajama to wear!

This pajama suit is made of polyester knitted in Bishu, Japan and the material has texture that mimics the look of linen. (The item displayed above is sold out.)

A 'Tailored T-shirt' is worn under the jacket and it has stitches on the back collar to prevent stretching the neckline so it fits well and gives a clean look.

Mr. Qiang is wearing items in shades of white for the first time. He feels so 'bright and more motivated to work!' that he smiles at us confidently.

*Some products may differ from those worn by the model.

Don't forget to take advantage of tax exemptions and coupons!

Customers staying in Japan, for a short period of time may be eligible for a tax exemption if their purchases are 5,000 yen (excluding tax) or more.

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