The AOKI Ginza main store has both men's and women's sections. The floor area is more than 300 tsubo (approx. 1,860 ㎡), including fitting rooms and custom, tailor rooms. With its huge number of the products and high quality services, it’s the most extensive AOKI's store in Tokyo.

The store offers tax exemption, recommended for overseas tourists.

Let's take a quick look inside!

VIP-like entrance!

A red carpet welcomes customers at the entrance.

Once inside, there’s a women’s section where you can find beautiful shirts, blouses and jackets that you see on Japanese TV dramas! So much fun browsing around!

A surprisingly wide variety of products

The men's section is very spacious and has an array of stunning suits.

The non-iron shirts are functional and the ‘washable suits' area has a wide variety of products focused on style, color, pattern, and size. Our selection is extensive.

How about a custom, tailor-made clothing in Japan?

Both men's and women's products can be altered immediately after purchase to create the perfect fit to your body shape. 

If you like details, our custom tailored suits can be made to order.

A revolutionary product from Japan Planning, as reported by a major news agency!

‘Pajama Suit’ is a jacket and pants set that has the look of suit, but is as comfortable as pajama to wear. 

The material used for ‘Pajama Suits’ is comfortable and stretchy that allows a wide range of movement, such as walking, sitting, and napping, without interfering with movement. Many people love the relaxed comfort wear.

Products differ from stores

Recommended Japanese Products for Tourists 1; HITOYOSHI Non-Iron Shirts

Non-ironing shirt made of 100% Supima cotton, a super high quality long-staple cotton!

Recommended Japanese Products for Tourists 2; Japanese Leather Shoes

High-quality Japanese leather shoes with Italian-made outsole with excellent air circulation!

Absorbs and diffuses perspiration quickly, dries quickly, keeping the feet comfortable at all times.

Special ceramic and silver ion are combined and that inhibit the growth of bacteria, keeping the inside of the shoes clean.

Recommended Japanese Products for Tourists 3; Waterproof Backpack for rain

This backpack features ideal functions for business occasions.

Made of durable, water-resistant polyester fabric coated with TPU material to prevent rain from seeping inside.

It’s large enough to fits A4 size paper, laptop and tablet. There are many pockets to keep small items so they don’t get lost.

Recommended Japanese Products for Tourists 4; Over 90% deodorant, silver socks

Excellent deodorant effect achieved by using silver threads. The effect continues after washing!

Uses NAIGAI's high quality rubber thread enables excellent fit, stretches softly and shrinks quickly.

It doesn’t feel too tight, slip-proof and comfortable to wear.

Products differ from stores

The AOKI Ginza main store offers tax free service. In addition, this site offers a special 10% off coupon for people eligible for tax exemption!

Ginza is a must-visit area of Tokyo where you can browse the best brands in the world. Please come by AOKI Ginza main store, our largest store for office wear that Japanese businessmen love.

Tax-free is applicable for purchases 5,000 yen or more (excluding tax).
  • Product stock is constantly changing. We apologize in advance if the product is sold out.
  • Prices shown are fixed, please check with the store or official online store when making purchases.