What’s your image of a Japanese businessmen like?

They often seem very diligent and serious.

At work, there seem to be so many rules unique to the Japanese work place. For example using "Keigo," as an honorific way of speaking with your co-workers and bosses.

Is there a strict dress code at offices in Japan? Many might have an overly formal image about Japanese businessmen.

For those of you who are interested in the Japanese businessman's fashion style,

we introduce you to Mr. Kyutoku's one week outfit ideas. He is a popular staff worker at AOKI!


Monday is when the week starts and you need to get tuned up!

A suit is your style and it shows your spirit.

JUNKO SHIMADA – 'high-quality, stylish men’s fashion brand for adults' – is a brand by a fashion designer from Paris.

Her clothes can make a bold impression at meetings and business situation.


Monotone jacket and pants style.

The shirt and jacket are from our ‘Air Cool’ series. The high breathability eliminates stickiness and lowers the temperature inside the garment so it’s recommended for the hot season!

Combine a cool light gray jacket, a white shirt with black buttons and black bottom to establish an elegant, clean look.


It's the middle of the week. When it’s easy to feel stress from work, we recommend choosing clothes that are comfortable and stress-free. Here is an outfit idea of AOKI's hit item ""Pajama Suit,"" which is comfortable as a pajama and looks as solid as a suit. The lightweight seersucker keeps you cool and comfortable even in summer time. Moreover, it stretches and does not make you feel tight.
Such ingenuity helps keep Japanese businessmen going and stay in good spirits!


Thursday is an office work day so a polo shirt and beige pants are the perfect *COOL BIZ style casual office outfits. This polo shirt comes with a stylish button down collar and it has a deodorant function. It’s recommended for a sweat odor countermeasure!

*COOL BIZ - ‘COOL BIZ’ is a mainstream summer business fashion style in Japan. It’s a campaign to not wear a suit jacket and necktie in the summer to keep yourself cool and reduce electricity consumption. To contribute to sustainability, we keep the room temperatures of 28 degrees Celsius or higher.


It's the long-awaited Friday. Finished up all work for the week and let's go out with colleagues after work! A clean casual outfit which is a striped T-shirt paired with a light brown jacket is perfect for Friday. The jacket and pants are made of a very light fabric that feels dry when touched.


A simple outfit is for a Saturday stroll. This refreshing mint-colored T-shirt is tailored by a suit maker! Made out of 100% smooth cotton fabric that has an elegant shine and firmness, the tailored a back collar prevents from stretching the neckline and has a beautiful silhouette.


On Sunday, a beige two-piece suit is a great choice for date night.

The soft color of the plated knit jacket and the pants give a gentle impression. Roll up your sleeves to add balance and give a clean look.

How was Mr. Kyutoku’s week of outfits?

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