Pajama Suits

AOKI’s Pajama Suits are a highly versatile suit set.
It can mix & match with multiple outfits and be worn as a suit or paired with other pants or jackets!
The item is your perfect daily companion! It’s a suit that can be worn at different occasions.
Our Pajama Suit is your business casual attire!

What’s a Pajama Suit?01

How is it different from conventional suits?

Differences from conventional suits


The silhouette is slightly more relaxed than a standard suit and is semi-casual wear.
The jacket has patch pockets instead of flap pockets which makes it look more casual.
The suit has a clean and beautiful fabric surface that you can enjoy combining with a wide range of other outfits from ties to T-shirts.

Differences in silhouette


The fabric of this item has clean look. The unnecessary details are reduced when designed so shoulder pads and lining are taken out to make it look more casual compared to a standard jacket.
This is one of the reasons why this jacket is so versatile.

※Some product numbers have different specifications.

What’s a Pajama Suit?02

Comfortable to wear! Simple to care for, easy to match

  • Comfortable Stretch

    Comfortable Stretch

    Stretchability is the important feature of Pajama Suits and helps looking great in any situations.
    It has a comfortable stretch that allows easy to move around in when walking, sitting, and sleeping.

  • Machine washable

    Machine washable

    The material used for the Pajama Suit has excellent washability.
    It’s easy to machine wash and simple to care. Stains from food or dirt can be removed easily, too.

    ※Some items are not machine washable.

  • Jacket + Pants set

    Jacket + Pants set

    Top and bottom are made of the same material and look great whenever you go out.
    It can also be worn separately! Enjoy mixing & matching with a jacket or pants or as a suit, and more!

What’s a Pajama Suit?03

Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

  • I think it’s very versatile, easy to wear and good for both work and casual occasion.- a customer in their 20s
  • They are not too formal, so it’s a great daily wear. Just by combining with a white T-shirt, it looks great. - a customer in their 30s
  • I think it’s a good looking regular suit that’s not too formal. The best thing is that it’s very comfortable to wear.- a customer in their 50s
  • It stays in shape and I don’t look sloppy. My other stretchy jackets and cardigans tend to do that! - a customer in their 40s

Product Lineup


Printed Jersey

The classic textile pattern is printed on the fabric.
It’s super light to wear and has a clean look. This jersey material has excellent stretch.
The simple design makes it easy to mixing & match!

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'Cool touch’ Jersey

This series has a cool, refreshing feeling and is perfect for Spring and Summer.
The outstanding stretchability is unique to this jersey material and it’s stress-free.
Bright colors are available for Spring and Summer. The shiny fabric surface makes an elegant impression.

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