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Biz Polo

Biz Polo?

Biz Polo is a polo shirt tailored to fit a business environment.
It’s a new type of polo shirt that’s comfortable to wear, looks casual, fits in a business occasion.

AOKI's biz polo collar stands up beautifully. The clean material's silhouette is sophisticated and makes a good impression at business occasions.
A point is the moderately compact shirt length which looks tidy even when the bottom hem is showing.

The elegant fabric is excellent at sweat-absorbing and is quick-drying, smooth and breathable. It’s comfortable to wear and stays cool even on hot summer days.
It’s great for business occasions and weekends.
In addition to this cutaway collar, we also offer a range of styles such as button-down collar.

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A popular, made in Japan product that has ease to wear silhouette

Silhouette image01

This polo shirt design is meticulously detailed. The pattern is designed and sewn in Japan to achieve easy to wear fashion.
It has water-absorbing, quick-drying features to reduce stickiness from perspiration, which is a concern in the coming season and is deodorant taped to reduce odors. The fabric is stretchable, dry and smooth.

Silhouette image02

Comfort Features

One-piece yoke tailoring

One-piece yoke tailoring

Our Biz Polo shirt is made of a single yoke like our shirt. It’s highly breathable and durable.

Moisture-absorbing, quick-drying fabric is used.

Moisture-absorbing, quick-drying fabric is used.

Our Biz Polo shirts use a fabric that absorbs sweat and dries quickly.
It feels dry when touched and is comfortable to wear.

Cutaway collar images

Collar that stands up.

It’s tailored by a suit maker and the collar stays crisp.

Cutaway collar images

Stains don’t stand out.

Another layer of fabric is attached to the inside of the collar and helps prevent sebum stains showing through.

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Staff Recommendation

Biz Polo is the essential item for summer business attire.

Our Biz Polo collar stands up. It can be worn with the hem tucked in or out and looks elegant.
The shirt length is not too long, the silhouette is smart and balances well with slacks. Put on sneakers to achieve a sporty, clean casual look.

Height: 180cm
Wearing size: L

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Biz Polo:A32_C241Z515

Can be worn with a jacket

The Biz Polo has a clean collar that stands up. It’s perfect for wearing under a jacket.
This button-down style has a compact and beautiful collar, looks great when worn with or without a tie.

Height: 186cm
Wearing size: M

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Biz Polo:A28_BIS560001

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