27-28cm Comfortable Fit Dress Socks

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Color: navy blue
Size: 27-28cm
Color: navy blue
Size: 27-28cm
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Main functions
  • Breathability
  • Sweat-absorbing and Quick-drying
  • Antibacterial Deodorant

Business cool-feeling socks with soft elastic cuff and mesh sole

- Highly breathable specification
Special manufacturing method has improved breathability. Unique mesh stitching provides high breathability and allows heat to escape easily.

- Sweat-absorbing and quick-drying
Always feels dry, even when sweating.

- Antibacterial and deodorant
Anti-bacterial and deodorant processing reduces unpleasant odors.

- Reinforced toes and heels
Toe and heel parts are reinforced to prevent getting a hole.

- Flat toe stitches
The inside seam of the toe is sewn flat for a comfortable fit.

- "NDX" rubber for excellent fit
NDX is a high quality rubber from Naigai, a Japanese dress socks brand. It provides a comfortable fit that is not too tight but does not easily slip down. Even after repeated wearing and washing, it retains tension for a long period. In particular, the elastic can be used for 1.5 times longer at the opening than others (according to the manufacturer's test results).


*Wash dark colors separately from light colors.
*Turn the product inside out to wash.
*Do not use chlorine bleach.
*Rinse thoroughly.
*Dehydrate only for a short time.
*Do not tumble dry.
*Please hang dry in the shade with the cuff.
*Please note that the color may fade due to friction.
*Due to the nature of the product, there is a possibility of yarn sticking out on the surface.


Nylon, cotton, etc

size Shoe size
L 27-28cm


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Durable and comfortable to wear.
Can be worn in all seasons, not just summer.