Spring New Arrivals! 8 best Tops

8New Spring Tops

Spring New Arrivals!
8 best Tops

If you are wondering 'I need a top, but what should I buy?'
Among the many items available, here are 8 new spring tops recommended for your office outfit.
Click on the items you are interested in!


2Way Ruffled Front Blouse

This ruffle front blouse is gorgeous and cool.
It works 2 ways; the tie can be flipped and fit inside or it can be worn as a simple crew neck shirt. It’s perfect for work and many other occasions.


'Split-Yarn’ Bow Blouse

Our popular 'split-yarn’ blouse now comes with a bow!
The semi-matte 'split-yarn’ fabric drapes over and gives a refined look.
You can tie a bow or keep it a neck tie, try various styles and enjoy mixing and matching.


Bow Blouse with Pearl Buttons

Put the blouse on and off using the buttons while keeping the bow tied.
It looks fashionable and the bow tie stays in shape when moving around.
The pearl buttons attached to the collar accentuate the outfit and complete the look.


3 way blouse with bow and metal embellishment

This blouse comes with a bow and metal embellishment. It can be worn 3 ways, it has 3 different looks.
The metal embellishment and the bow are detachable and you can put it on or off, try various styles and have fun.
The fabric has a smooth feel and drapes over elegantly.


Bi-Color Polka Dot Ruffle blouse

This blouse was designed and supervised by the renowned fashion designer, Akiko Ogawa.
It’s richly ruffled, bi-color and comes with a pearl buttons and has nice details that goes with a suit jacket style well.
The item has a glamorous look by itself without a jacket and is recommended because it go with any bottom.


2-way Stripe Blouse with Thin Bow

This 2-way blouse can be worn both side – front and back.
You can enjoy two ways – a simple stand collar design or the thin bow design that looks mature and pretty.
The crisp stripes stand out and accentuate your outfit.


Overlock stitch bow blouse

The bi-color bow is the signature of this blouse.
It can be worn as a stylish neck tie blouse or as a gorgeous bow blouse.
The bow is removable and it becomes a simple blouse when removed!
The pearl button on the collar and the cuff accents and look natural◎


Boat Neck Knit

This elegant boat neck knit makes the neckline and shoulder look beautiful.
The material has a stiffness that doesn’t show body shape too much and the ribbed cuff makes you look slimmer.
It’s a simple and versatile knit top that looks great with any item.

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