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Active Work Suit, the suit specialty store offers an exceptional quality product!

This suit can be paired with a wide range of items - wear it with a tie for a clean look or dress casually with a T-shirt and sweaters.
Looks like cotton but made with a unique sewing technique that our suit specialists supervised.
Introducing a new versatile casual suit that's a great value!

Outstanding functionality!

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    Machine washable and quick dry

    Workwear is worn and washed every day. The fabric in our suits can be handled the same way as any workwear. It can be easily washed using a washing machine and always looks clean when worn. It also doesn't sag after washing.

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    Extremely stretchy!
    '4-WAY Stretch' material

    We made big changes from our conventional Active Work suit, it feels like 4-Way stretch. This new Active Work suit is made from highly stretchable material and makes you feel stress-free when you stand up, squat down, or carry heavy things at work.

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    3D sewing

    'three-dimensional' sewing is employed and tailored for rounded body shapes to comfortably fit larger body type. The shoulder area feels light when worn and the round armhole design makes your arms stay comfortable.

Silhouette Comparison

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  • Compared to a typical suit, the silhouette of our suit is more relaxed, perfect when worn with a tie or business casual wear! It also looks great paired with casual items such as T-shirts and sneakers. Our Active Work suits are lighter than regular suits so they are comfortable to wear at work or for long-distance travel.

Style tips & photos

Suit and tie is great for meetings and presentations, full suit with no tie is best for business trips.
Wear it casually with a T-shirt or match with a sweater in the coming season! The top and bottom can also be worn separately!

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Product line-up

It looks cotton-like and clean, the design of this suit is casual and a relaxed fit.
Available in navy blue, black, and brown!

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View all Active Work suits Review of past Active Work suits earned average 4.4 stars

Customer Testimonials

  • Comfy and best value!

    • • I think it's a great value for the price considering the sewing quality and its functionality.
    • • Stretchy and excellent fits, I think it's the best for budget shopping.
    • • It was easy to wear and fits well. The price is also good for its value.
  • Customers keep coming back!
    Many people consider buying even more!

    • • I got three pieces since the first series came out and plan to buy every year.
    • • It's better than I expected! I'm considering buying another one in a different color! I want one from the next series as well.
  • The secret of its popularity: It's washable!

    • • It can be washed every day so I find it practical.
    • • I can wash it at home and it hardly gets wrinkled.
    • • I put them in a mesh laundry bag three times a week on average, wash, dry and wear them as they are. So far no problem for the past 2 months.
  • Useful in various occasions!

    • • I wear it during both WFH and office days as business casual attire. I also wear them during after hours.
    • • I'd wear it to and from the golf course after playing a game.
    • • I wear it when I bike commute, it's easy to move around in it, so I'm satisfied.

※Excerpted from review and comments on Active Work suit series posted until 7/31/2023.

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